Farm Experiences

Our farm experiences were created to help build dialogue and engagement around local food by bringing together farmers and consumers and narrowing the gap that has been created by the broken food system.  We hope our activities and events create awareness of the challenges and encourage you to find your place in this battle.

Connect with the

source of your food.

Why we share experiences on our farm and why we feel an experience is far better than a tour. 

Experiences are immersive in their ability to allow guests to understand a travel destination’s culture, people, and history more deeply by connecting with it more than just by visiting it. They allow an individual to take a journey of self discovery and connect on a deeper level to people and places.  To really understand an area is to understand the people that make up that place.

family exploring The Culinary Farm during farm experience

Saturdays 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Our Farm’s DNA

Immerse your senses in this unique experience with us; Paul, Sara, Joah and Vivien as your guides at The Culinary Farm. A homegrown collection of exciting, fully immersive experiences is waiting for you.

Touch the leaves and smell their unique aromas. See where kitchen items get their start. Taste the raw forms from our tropical hoop house, artisanal garden and smell flowers and herbs used to build favour.


(over 15)




(5-15 years)




(under 5)



Second Sunday of Each Month (2.5 – 3 hours)

The Pineapple Experience – Save a Pineapple

Join us for this one-of-a-kind tropical farm experience into all things pineapple with farmer Paul.

When you leave our place, you will be armed with the skills to grow your very own pineapple and the recipes to compliment the newest member of your family.  And you will have the support of farmer Paul for all your future growing questions.

Ask about booking your very own Pineapple Experience  with friends and family or for corporate team building ( Minimum 3 people per session).

Experience Price

(minimum 4 participants/session)



woman holding planted pineapple with shirt the pineapple experience