About The Farm

The Culinary Farm is a 7-acre property, near Thamesville ON where Paul and Sara Spence are creating an exclusive, one-of-a-kind destination built on regenerative farming and tourism principles that gives back to the community and planet.

Experiences inspire transformation and shape who we are as individuals and society. We have purposely chosen experiential learning on our farm through authentic culinary experiences because they can impact visitors in a more profound way.

The Farm

Our unique space captivated us the moment we saw it.  It has a little bit of everything and it’s hard to imagine because of how special it truly is!

We have 7 acres made up of farm land where we grow our artisan grains, a woodlot where the food forest is housed, a floodplain we made into an orchard for rare and unique fruit and nut trees, a rolling stream we have dubbed Laurentian Creek, running through the back of the property all nestled up against the historic Thames River.  Each season our space takes on new picturesque scenes we once thought we could only find in story books.  

We added a hoop house for growing all year round. A shrub, and a pollinator garden for guests with two legs and some with six!  A shiny red barn for some colour.  The Culinary Playground is a place where chefs can create and unlock their vivid imaginations.  An outdoor eating space where anyone can have a transformative eating experience, and a few other special places we will leave off just so you take the time just to visit and be!

It is a must-see escape where our food experiences and learning takes place and that’s why we had an artist depict it through a fun farm map below. (see if you can pick out some of the regionally specific birds, wildlife, plants and trees included).  But it is certainly a place you need to discover in person or best yet, with loved ones!

The Culinary Farm illustrated map of the property
heirloom apples on tree at the Culinary Farm
The Culinary Farm heirloom ear of corn
Sara Spence holding basket of eggs on the Culinary Farm
Paul Spence holding ripe passion fruit

We Believe in the Power of Your Voice

It has been said that consumers eat at least 3 times each and every day, sometimes more…this means the way we choose to eat has a voice… that you have a very powerful voice and should use it, one that you need to realize can make change. When consumers speak; businesses listen, governments listen and change will happen.

Maybe your journey has already started or maybe we can help start it at The Culinary Farm.

We leave you with this question, how is your voice being heard?

Culinary Farm Red Watering Can