Regenerate’s Heritage Grain Weekend
September 27, 28 & 29, 2019 | London, Ontario

This year Regenerate is back and we have expanded to include more grain focused events, added a Local food documentary and local food experts panel discussion, partnered up with Fall Food Fest and added a community day where we will work to build community.

Our focus in 2019 is continuing to building the conversation around the five components of grain: Bread, Beer, Distilling, Pasta and Pizza.
This regional collaboration weekend will highlight all these areas for consumers, chefs and farmers to engage in.

Friday, Sept. 27, 2019

Saturday Sept. 28, 2019

Sunday Sept. 29, 2019

Rotational Eating Grain Dinner

Join us for an evening of inspired eating and learning about how farmers can build a regenerative rotation to improve both soil health and the taste of your food. Fanshawe College will be hosting this 5-course dining experience will feature 5 Lond area chefs. Come experience grains in a deliciously creative way!

Grain Workshops

All three workshops will run simultaneously. Join Chef’s Patrick Hersey, Jo Rivas, & Matt Reijnen as they explore 3 unique ways to use local grains in your kitchen

Fall Food Fest &
Farmers Market Pop Up

A celebration of the harvest season and the bounty of beautiful produce and grains we have growing here in southwestern Ontario

Food Documentary & Local Food Expert Panel

Join Chef John Horne of Canoe Restaurant as he follows the food on his plate and the steps that got it there. A panel discussion to follow as we listen to members of the local food community discuss the challenges and difficulties of making local food happen.

Truly Local Craft Beer Festival

Join us for this one of a kind craft beer festival which the primary goal is for consumers to see and understand what is in their craft beer. London Brewing will be hosting this amazing festival that focuses on using local ingredients in the beers.

Community Building Activites

Building community is something we seek, we are exploring ways to build community through food.

Sept. 28 – 29, 2019

2-day Bread Camp

Bread Camp is educating and connecting growers, millers, bakers, chefs and consumers who are creating a rise in demand for local grains. This program will increase a baker’s capacity to procure and utilize regionally grown whole grains to help build and develop the regional foodshed.