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Regenerate 2018 | Truly Local Craft Beer Festival
Saturday October 20, 2018 | London, Ontario

Truly Local Craft Beer Festival

Join us for this one of kind craft beer festival. London Brewing will be hosting a craft beer festival that focuses on using local ingredients in the beers – beers that aren’t just made locally but are also sourced locally. An afternoon session and an evening sessions will be offered to consumers. All beers showcased will have local grains in their beers which infuse the tastes and terroir of the region.

Locally made beer should have locally sourced ingredients to make a bigger economic impact in our region. Come taste the difference and learn more about the importance of local ingredients.

VIP tickets will allow beer lovers to go behind the scenes during the event for a unique experience with the team at LBC!

General Admission: Early Session (11am-4pm)
General Admission: 
Evening Session (5pm-10pm)
VIP Experience: 
Early Session (11am-4pm, tour at 1pm)
VIP Experience: 
Evening Session (5pm-10pm, tour at 6pm)

Location: London Brewing Co-op, 521 Burbrook Pl, London, ON N5W 4B5

General Tasting Tickets
Cost: $10/person
Includes: four 4oz drinks and a commemorative glass

VIP Behind the Tap Experience:
 6 4oz drinks, a commemorative glass, food, guided tour through beer vendors, and conversation with a brewer

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