The recent vote out of the United Kingdom, famously referred to as “Brexit” has gathered lots of attention, a lot of it negative and one can’t seem read about it without seeing terms like “racism”, “nationalism” and “protectionism”.  However, if you are a fan of the buy local movement, it should be viewed as something much different.

Like Brexit The Local Food Movement is about Basic Needs

Just like the current political campaign in the United States by Donald Trump coined “Make America Great Again” the tides seem to be turning away free trade and agreements like the TTP.  As it pertains to food and the food movement, globalization is far from good for people, food and the sharing of wealth across our planet.

If you do any digging many of the civil wars or mass exodus’ of people groups that has been occurring, many have roots in food security and providing basic needs. Instead of the elitist arguments about immigration, gender idenity or humanitarin needs where the focus is on smaller minorities over the majority happening in North America.  Many of these recent campaigns are focusing on the basic needs of a larger portion of the population that many politicians and world leaders seem to be forgetting about. People need to eat and more and more people do not have access to food.

#foodstartshere is a message that localized production and consumption of food is something we need to take more seriously because the only ones who stand to benefit from trade agreements are politicians and the large corporations that lobby them to open up global markets.  As the trade agreements open up these borders, corporations are free to move to countries where labour is cheaper, rules are less restrictive and greater profits can be achieved to keep shareholders happy.

But what about consumers and regular people?  Why is a fish caught in the Great Lakes, shipped to China for processing and then shipped back to North America to be sold in our grocery stores more advantageous than creating and maintaining the value chain in the community the fish is caught in?

Brexit is a Vote for People who Believe in their Local Movement

If you are a supporter for the buy local idea or shop local concept you should be very happy what happened in England-as it is a wake up call. Finally the people spoke and the leaders had to listen; it may be a short sighted move and downright stupid but finally a group of people have exercised their democratic right and the leaders of that country had to honour it!  Look at the GMO labelling boondoggle happening in North America. 9 out of 10 people across all socio economic status’ want to have their food labelled.  Are our politicians listening or are they being lobbied by a few food companies with a whole lot of political power who stand to benefit?

#foodstartshere is something all of us could and should get behind because the elite have been running our world for far too long and the current system is failing us.  If I am wrong, why are events like “Brexit” happening and less than intelligent people like Donald Trump appealing to people?