Have a Seat at Our Table

The disconnect between rural and urban is something very few have figured out how to bridge.  Food is about the relationships between primary producers, chefs and consumers and one big reason we feel our food system has lost its way is a lack of communication.  We wanted to create a space where the three groups can meet to discuss and learn about food. All our events and experiences are designed to give each group an opportunity to engage and learn about food production.

Local and regionalized food systems need a lot of work to be rebuilt and something many are advocating for.  To understanding the variables that created our globalized food system we all need to have conversations and at our kitchen table and we hope this is where it starts for you.


C-K Table will be the catalyst in creating North America’s premier self-sustaining rural food system.


C-K Table will be the mechanism that connects our local artisans and farmers in a relationship with consumers based on thinking local and buying local.