The Culinary Farm


We’d like to say thank you! Thank you for taking the time to join us and engage in dialogue around local food, a growing topic but also one that has many challenges facing it.  The main message we want you to leave with is you are the most important part of the local food movement.


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Great food takes time to grow, great environments need to be nurtured and so does your soul.

Cultivate all three at The Culinary Farm.

Real culture is here to be found on our farm near Thamesville. Cultivating taste, rather than impoverishing it. Exchange ideas and family traditions with people from all over the globe. Advocating for historical food culture and defending old fashioned food traditions.

One of the most profound statements etched in our brains and we hope you think about each and every day you eat is this: “The problems in the food system are so big, that the solutions have to be that much bigger.” How profound! The problems and challenges are going to take all of us to solve or correct; we all have our part in this food movement and by joining us today you have shown the desire to help solve these problems.

We hope you find a place to have authentic culinary experiences on our farm with Paul, Sara and their children.


The Culinary Farm wheat field
The Culinary Farm chicken eating bugs
The Culinary Farm banana leaves
The Culinary Farm bee on purple flowers

Our Why

Our Roots Grow Deep

We have all heard about sustainability right?  To get to that point we have to dig deeper into the concept of regeneration first.  That’s how The Culinary Farm was conceived!

We believe there is a need to elevate the conversation to the topic of regenerative farming and tourism is critical to the current challenges facing our society.  Putting back into our soils and communities, instead of continually taking out.

The Culinary Farm was created to build dialogue about local food by bringing together farmers, consumers, chefs and narrowing the gap that has been created by a fractured food system. We hope our activities, events, and experiences create awareness to the challenges and encourage you to find your place in this battle. Our society needs to rethink food and we hope our farm will start that process for you and family; expanding your understanding of the food system.

About Us

We are a family of four near Thamesville, Ontario trying to do our small part to build strong land stewardship and community; while demonstrating and inspiring others to appreciate real and tasty ingredients! 

We would like you to join together with us in moving the current conversation in your family and sphere of influence from “sustainability” to “regeneration”, both in agriculture and tourism because we feel that sustainability is no longer going to have the type of impact our world needs. 

Check out the events calendar to make sure you don’t miss out on anything and for more information get in touch with us.  We look forward to your visit!

Paul and Sara Spence with family

“If you couldn’t go to the grocery store for your food, what would you do?"


– Marty Travis, Spence Family farm; Fairbury. Ill

“Your ordinary is someone else’s extraordinary.”


– Celes Devar, Earth Rhythms, Gaspereau Valley, Nova Scotia

Immersive Culinary and Agricultural Experiences

Where the Craft of Agricultural Intersects with the Craft of Culinary

In the near future we will embark on a series of on the farm dinners in The Culinary Playground at The Culinary Farm. Our vision is to partner with select chefs from the region to keep the dinners as agrarian and wild as possible, while highlighting produce from right here on the farm and from the surrounding area.

We will be foraging, utilizing local meats and dairy, and seeking out great local food and beverage artisans as the basis for every meal. We want our guests to feel that they are a part of the whole event, something far more interactive than just a sit down dinner.

The Culinary Farm charcuterie board
The Culinary Farm sourdough bread
The Culinary Farm Pears
The Culinary FArm grill